December 15

How you can benefit from PRINCE2 certification

PRINCE2 represents a structured method of project management created from the experience of several thousand projects and contributions from hundreds of people with hands-on exposure and involvement in multiple types and sizes of projects.

project management courses

Contributions from specialists such as in the areas of construction and design are isolated to focus on the management aspects of a project. Specialist contributions can always be integrated into the Prince2 method with ease creating a secure general framework for the whole project. Since Prince2 is generic in character and has its roots in proven principles, organisations adopting this method can gain substantially from improved organisational capability, apart from maturity across other areas like construction, business change, mergers and acquisitions, IT, product development, and research.

PRINCE 2 foundation and PRINCE 2 practitioner are the two certifications offered. The PRINCE 2 foundation is intended to familiarise the applicant with an overall understanding and the vocabulary used by the system as well as the capability of working as part of a project management team. The Foundation training thus aims at providing the base to become a PRINCE 2 practitioner.

Eligibility for foundation course

While no prerequisites are prescribed for eligibility to take the PRINCE 2 foundation training, a minimum of 2 years experience in any project environment is considered helpful before applying for this level of certification. Notice, however, that a pass in the Foundation level training is essential to take up the PRINCE 2 practitioner certification and progress to PRINCE 2 professional, over a period. Notice however that you may be able to skip the foundation project management courses if you already possess relevant experience as well as specified certification from IPMA or PMI where such certification is formally recognised.

The PRINCE 2 foundation examination covers 75 questions with multiple choices for every paper. Of this, 5 questions will be treated as trial and not taken into account for the scoring. 50% of the total 70 marks or 35 marks are required for a pass. 1 hour is the duration of the test. This test can be taken either at an ATO or online. You should be using a webcam if you are taking the online version of the test.


How do you benefit from the PRINCE 2 certification?

The PRINCE 2 certification aims at bringing the following key benefits to those who pass the certification examination.

  • Communication and planning
  • Clarity on responsibilities and roles
  • Hassle free and transparent monitoring
  • Consistent tasks
  • Helps build an approach driven by results

Wide-ranging application

Once you are awarded the PRINCE 2 certification, you will have the skills to manage projects and complete them successfully within your workforce confidently. The PRINCE 2system will give conventional procedures, systems and language. Further, it will provide greater control over resources and the ability to manage project and business risk with higher levels of efficiency. Chances of your making mistakes will be fewer, and you will also learn from the odd mistakes that you do make. Collectively, these will lead to saving effort as well as money.


Advantages of implementing PRINCE 2

Organisations can significantly benefit by implementing PRINCE2. It is recognised internationally as the standard for project management because it encompasses several years of time tested and best practices in project management providing an adaptable and flexible approach that can be applied to projects of all descriptions and sizes. It provides a framework covering a wide range of activities and disciplines within the project. In other words, PRINCE2 is the formal recognition of the responsibilities that are part of the project and focuses on the deliverables of a project providing the organisation with:-


  • A consistent and common approach
  • An organised and controlled start, mid path, and end
  • Reviewing the progress at regular intervals against the plan and business case with flexible points in decision-making
  • Assuring that your project continues to enjoy business justification
  • Management control for potential plan deviations
  • Involving stakeholders and management in the project at the right place and time, across the project cycle.
  • Healthy communication channels among the project management team, the project and other functions in the organisation.
  • A tool to capture and share the lessons learned
  • A route to enrich project management expertise and competency of your staff, across all levels.

Why organisations should adopt a Project management tool/method

Directors and managers of a project can benefit immensely from project management systems/tools such as PRINCE 2. It empowers them with controllable deployment and use of available resources as well as the ability to manage the project and business risk with higher levels of efficiency.

PRINCE 2 is an embodiment of proven and established best practices in project management. It is also widely understood and recognised giving all participants in a project a common language.

PRINCE 2 is also compatible with every other project management system since it is built on the technical structure adopted by the framework for a given project complementing the soft skills gained from other qualifications.

How the PRINCE2 certification helps individuals

  • The benefits of PRINCE 2 Certification is not limited to organisations. At the individual level, one can look forward to the following benefits accruing over a period:-
  • Improved efficiency in service delivery
  • The clear roadmap laid out by the project management system helps in steering clear of potential potholes and bumps helping individuals work smarter rather than harder.
  • Improved customer satisfaction – Efficient project management leaves your clients happier and perhaps a wee bit wealthier too. Adding more happy clients obviously is the objective of any business.
  • Better reputation – as you add more successful projects under your belt, word spreads and your standing and valuation in the marketplace, moves up sharply.
  • Development and growth within the team – positive results contribute to enhanced command and respect, apart from inspiring your team towards continuing the performance with higher efficiency
  • Opportunities to explore new horizons – Once you establish your expertise with project management, you are empowered to explore new horizons in your career path.

Summing up, a PRINCE 2 certification has immense benefits for individuals as well as organisations adapting this project management tool.

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October 14


cardboard packing boxes

People often see many cardboard boxes, and they didn’t give a damn importance to them. They think every cardboard box is same. YES! If we notice, they are right because they feel no difference in cardboard boxes. Some of the companies have marked the difference and considered the public needs and requirements and assure that their cardboard boxes are not the same. Therefore, cardboard packing boxes are unique, and you will feel them as soon as you will use them and try them.


Find it out to know that cardboard paper boxes designed after the rigorous and careful screening of vendors by the industrious and ambitious industrial experts. Must check to see if cardboard paper boxes are being manufactured from waste materials such as papers, textiles and waste cardboards and without any chemical additives – it should be 100% recycled and recyclable product. Buy ones which are lightly weighted and not easily breakable. And see to it that their weights are specially designed on customer’s easiness so that they can feel no burden of the cardboard.


Cardboard boxes seem small things for us, but sometimes little things do matter. It is petty things that matter most. We know the importance of it, hence is it important to get the better quality one. Here are some of the characteristics you should look at:

  • Absorption power

  • Insulation qualities(heat, sound, vibration)

  • Air permeability

  • Shape Stability

  • No breakage

  • Light weighted

  • Improvement in longevity


  • Provides you best Insulation bands production

  • Provides underlying material for carpets, linoleums or floating floors

  • Use as Interleaving materials

  • Help in transferring objects

  • Provides best storage for you things

  • Packaging goods and materials


Some of the best manufacturers can provide you with the best services that you need. Their staff will benefit you in different ways:

  • In packing of goods

PRICE: Depends on goods quantity and weight

  • Transferring of goods

PRICE: Depends on miles of distances and the goods quantity

  • Help you to select the right cardboard box for right things

PRICE: It’s free of cost

  • Crafting from Paper cardboard boxes.

Our talented and creative staff also having skills like crafting different things such as tables, desks, minion boxes, pencil boxes, draws, etc. from them on reasonable prices

PRICE: Will depend on the thing.


And the other parameters you need to think about the cardboard boxes are length, solidity and absorption power. Different boxes and their uses are given below:


gift packing

For small kitchen items such as spoons etc.

Decoration pieces


Used ad packing of utensils

Books packaging

Dishes and plates



For partitioning

While packing it will be needed to tighten the

fragile/expensive goods



Packing of LED

Mirror and transparent glass

Once you know that you are educated about the cardboard boxes, then you can choose the right one according to your requirement.

Please find related images for the uses if its not suitable

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September 2

Going Solar? Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

euro solar panel

People often have questions about solar system because they want to learn about efficiency, cost, maintenance, and other procedures. Here are some answers to crucial questions by the experts of solar system:

What type of material is being used in the construction of solar panels?

Solar panels are constructed with one silicon layer to convert the energy of light into electricity. There are three types of silicon, such as polycrystalline, monocrystalline and amorphous and polycrystalline.
Monocrystalline is efficient, but these panels are expensive than others. If you want something less expensive, you can buy polycrystalline panels. Amorphous panels are designed to use in low-light conditions.

Why is solar energy considered green energy?

According to Euro Solar Group, Solar energy is green energy because it uses the natural sunlight. It is clean because this procedure is free from fossil fuel. This green energy is available in abundance, and you can save a good amount of money. In this way, you are not only reducing your energy bills but providing an advantage to government institutions.

Explain Declination Angle for Solar Energy?

It is important to measure declination angle of your panel to keep it away from the equator. You have to consider it while installing your panels.

What is the importance of “South Directions” to install solar panels?

Solar panels should face south because this direction enables your panels to absorb maximum sunlight. It will prove helpful for your panels to generate maximum energy. Keep it in mind that the solar panels work in the presence of daylight so increase their exposure to light.

Can I have Solar Panels?

Yes, everyone can get the advantage of solar panels, but you have to meet the necessary criteria (eligibility criteria may vary from country to country) to install them on your roof. An ordinary homeowner is entitled to install almost one 4kw panel to generate maximum energy for his family. Schools, churches, and other commercial buildings can install more than one solar panel.

Does solar system works during cloudy days?

Absolutely yes, but you may get less electricity as compared to other days. Under an overcast sky, the panel will not be able to produce maximum light as it can work under blooming sun.

Is it essential to have 11 square meters (120 square-feet) roof space to install a solar panel?

Every solar module is almost 1.5 meters (5 feet) long and 0.75 meters (2.5 feet) wide. These modules have nearly four set, and the number of minimum modules may vary from one place to another. For the successful installation of these modules, you should have 11 square meters area.

What is a problem with shade?

The wiring design of each solar module makes it important for each solar cell to receive maximum sunlight. Without sufficient sunlight, the module will not work in a better way. Shade on any portion of the module can affect the output of the whole module.

I want to build a new house/roof, what to do now?

There is no need to worry because it is an ideal situation to install a solar system. It is easy to install flashable brackets to mount solar panels. It will offer maximum protection against leakage.

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September 2

Want To Achieve Success In Business? Meet The Right People In Town


Starting a business is not the actual stress, but becoming successful remains the most difficult part of the story. Many people have struggled in time past to be successful in business only to discover failure awaiting them.
Well, the fault in not yours for not becoming successful in business. There is a gamut of ways to be successful in any establishment. One of the most reliable methods to adopt in business is using the right channel. Meeting the right people in town is a trigger to your being successful in business.

The perfect or right people are loaded with enough information to make successful in business. With professionals in the field of operation, you can get several details that other people do not have access to. Below are some benefits of meeting the right people when planning to start a business.

Business Advice

You may have the financial capability to start a business and still experience failure. Tips on how to overcome failures and obstacles can naturally be found with someone who has passed through the same state in business. They will equip you with all regulations governing the operation and existence of your business. If you want to exceed in business, simply contact the right people for advice, tips and hints.

Keep In Touch With The Base Of Your Business

You should not be shocked with the facts that will be unleashed in this paragraph. Many businesspeople have lost touch with the basis of their establishment. This will undoubtedly lead to failure and pain. In fact, your whole financial capability may end up crumbling. The right people will help you always to keep touch with the basis of your business. It entails checking the right practices that can help your business grow. These people also have the exonerating power to help uplift your business from the dungeon to its height value. Keeping touch with the basis of your business remains a great factor to consider in operation. The right people in town will ensure to guide you through the entire process.

Using The Right Links For Survival

Even with your investment, you may be suffering from using the right links for survival. The right people in town know exactly where to get surviving links. If your links to the right product or service are available, then operating efficiently will not be any problem. When your links are rightly connected, then success in business is eminent.


The right people in town have always remained the source of inspiration to newbie businesspeople. The story of successful entrepreneurs will trigger you to be gingered to operate professionally. It means that you will think smartly and act professionally to get to the perfect standard of success in business. The right people also have the proclivities of positioning themselves to capture the attention of their target audience. If you can follow the simple steps in this content, then success is sure for your business.

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August 31

10 top tips for house husbands to maintain healthy relationship

1) Maintain a Healthy Level of Intimacy with Your Spouse
While it is good to keep healthy relationships with all of your family, do not let your children be an excuse for neglecting your spouse. The health of your relationship as a couple is central to the stability and integrity of the whole family, so nurturing it is not self-indulgent or neglectful. Sometimes conflicts take place between couples; hence it can be resolved by following couples counselling tips by a counsellor to build a better relationship. The children will only benefit if your marriage relationship is healthy and strong. Also, you are modelling for them what it means to be a healthy couple, which is most important as they grow up. They will naturally tend to replicate the relationship they experienced in their home.

2) Host Family Night
Make one night per week where the family all comes together, where they know to clear their schedule. During this night, do activities as a family. Play board games, go out for a meal, read books together, have tea time, host a family dance party, play party games, watch a favourite movie. The purpose here is to spend time together without any other distractions.

2) Always Eat Dinner Together!

couples counselling tips
To maintain strong family bonds, especially during the hectic day in and day out of our lives, it is imperative that househusbands maintain healthy family relationships with each member of the household. It is aided by a family dinner every night. Most children and spouses are busy during the day, and breakfast is considered “good” if it is eaten sitting down. But dinner remains that one sacred meal where everyone can come together and talk. With dinner, there is the sense of home-cooked foods that not only activate the senses but is conducive to a family bond. Eating dinner with family provides an opportunity to get to know one another, to watch as their children are growing. It is the perfect time to talk.

4) Speak to your Family

Communication, honest and open, is paramount to any family relationship. Even if you have a teenager who is at the stubborn phase where they just don’t want to talk, then also have a conversation. Talking with your family members will let each member know how important they are to you. Show your interest in their lives, ask questions about their hopes and dreams, explore what things they learned, share what things you have learned, and more. Dinner time is a great chance for this conversation to take off, but don’t let dinner time be the only time you communicate. Children, spouses, parents, relatives, should all know that there is a safe space within the walls of your home to bring up any feelings they might have, any questions. It is imperative for the health of children too. No matter the faith or religion of the household, it should never stop children from communicating honestly with their parents. The minute it does, the minute parents don’t reiterate that the home is a safe space for any and all questions, it will only lead to secrets and lies.

5) Actively Listen
The secrets behind active listening are not just intended for the business world. They fall under the wing of all family communication too. By actively listening, you can maintain a healthier relationship with your wife, your children, and any other family members. Anger results from not feeling heard, and often quickly de-escalate when one feels understood. Avoid interrupting when he is talking, and ask questions that help clarify what he is trying to communicate. If this approach is new to you, it is time to start using it. Active listening is a way of demonstrating respect and value. If you are just waiting for your family member to stop talking so you can respond in a challenging manner, you will not be reducing the conflict.

6) Take Turns Talking
Don’t talk to your partner in particular. It can’t be stressed enough, which is why I am hammering the point home. This is not only rude behaviour, but it is disrespectful as well and may infuriate your partner. It makes them feel that what you have to say is more important than what he has to say and so diminishes his value and worth.

7) Be Responsible

The best way to teach your children how to be adults is by your example. So when something goes wrong, or you made a mistake, own up. Acknowledge your part in the conflict. Blaming your home, your past, your partner as the sole cause of your problems will be completely unproductive and could result in you being alone with very poor relationships. Your children will see the love and responsibility you have shown, and they will strive to be like that.

8) Strive for Maturity in All Things
Maturity in all things will enable you to communicate effectively, and teach your children by example. Tangentially, don’t be stubborn and always insist that you are right. If you make this a power struggle over who is right and who is wrong (with you naturally being “right”), you will not have a successful relationship with your family. What is needed is a sense of mutuality and humility in which both of you recognise your role to play in the conflict.

9) Always be Willing to Compromise

When you seek agreement in your home, find a way to compromise on any and all matters to do with household rules or disagreements, you will see that the home is a more relaxed place and the relationships you have with your family members are healthier, especially with your spouse or partner. Discover any points of agreement possible in what your partner has to say, even if they are tiny. The chances are that he might have valid points and are not entirely in the wrong. Agree with whatever points you can.

10) Avoid Extreme Language
Whenever there is conflict in the home, it is important to keep things calm by avoiding extreme language, no matter how frustrated or exhausted you might be. Using words like “always” or “never” in a conflict invariably results in an escalation of defensiveness and further arguments. These designations are rarely true and only create further wounding.

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August 23

Things to consider before making your website live

Launching your website is not an easy task because you have to check some elements before making your site live. You have to test your site before starting it to make sure either it has everything. Your website should have good information and fast navigation speed. You have to check relevant keywords and links on your site. There are a lot of things that are important to do before making your website live. The following points would help you to find out important things for your site:


Responsibilities of Editor and Writer

Editors and writers should have high attention to the details written on your website. Before launching a website, they should pay attention to the following things:

Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

You have to check the grammar, spelling, and typos of your whole website. There should be a constant flow of information on your site. The instructions should be accurate and try to address your target audience.

Navigation Speed of Website

Navigation speed of your site is imperative because customers will quickly leave your slow website. You should check the size of your web page and load time. You can check by downloading Google Chrome, navigate your web page in Chrome browser, press F12 and view your network tab. Pressing F12 may seem technical, but there is no need to hire a professional person. You can check the Gantt chart on your network tab to check what your page is doing and how much time your site is taking to load on the browser. It will help you to find the culprit of your slow page easily.

Context of Your Page

A critical analysis of your page will help you to get rid of various problems. You have to ask:

  • Why should people visit your page?
  • Is the page content ready for your target audience?
  • Does your page address your audience?

Responsibilities of Web Designer

Web designers have complete information about the design of your website. They can quickly spot the problems regarding fonts, compatibility, and images.


Multi-browser execution is annoying, but the site creators should check their websites on all browsers. Your website should run efficiently on all types of browsers. The websites should have compatibility with different browsers, mobile devices, and tablets.



Font codes may get dropped mistakenly into one page, and your words or letters look too funny. You should check the consistency of formatting and odd blips in your copy.


To increase the effectiveness of your content, you can use images, but you have to make sure that the images should display correctly. You will only need 72 dpi (dots-per-inch) for the pictures on your website to maintain their quality.

Responsibilities of Web Developer

Web developers have knowledge of the inner workings of CSS, JavaScript, and CSS. They have better knowledge of these languages. There are lots of technical items that a web developer can check, such as:

Live URLs

URL (Uniform-resource-locator) is crucial because when your website goes live, this URL will be transferred from the staging zone to production. The URLs may change at this time, and you have to test these sites. On a small site without tools, it is easy to navigate every page to ensure that they are working in a better way. If you have a website with almost 500 URLs, you can use any free tool to find the bad URLs.


The one important thing to check is W3C valid code, and you should test it before launching your website. This validation will help you to have some confidence about the crawling of spider’s search engine on your site. This report will help you to find compliance issues and solve them.


This technique can compress and combine your website code into smaller chunks to increase the speed of your site. Look at the website about minifying before launching your site.

404 Pages

To avoid this error, you should backup your site before launching it. In the case of 404 (page-not-found) errors, you should have a custom page for the assistance of your visitors. Your website should have an HTML sitemap to make navigation of your site easy.


These are little iconic images in the tabs and address bars of your web browser. It offers branding opportunities that increase the credibility of your website. It will be good to have them on your site at the time of launch.

SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) Tasks

SEO professionals can market your website in a better way. They look at various elements to increase traffic to your site and improve its ranking. Look at some of the affordable seo services in town so that they can check a few features:

301 Redirects

The content can be repurposed or moved to a new structure of a website. If you already have a website, you can change the structure of URL with the new site. Before doing this, it is important to map your old URLs to the new options. Any spider tool will help you to find any problem with your URLs.

Meta Data and Title Tags

You have to ensure that each meta description and meta tags are at right place. The search engine spiders will understand your web page with the help of this metadata. You should pay attention to title tags and meta data.

Moreover, you can use analytical tools to judge the performance of your website. Carefully backup your whole data before making your site live.

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