August 23

Things to consider before making your website live

Launching your website is not an easy task because you have to check some elements before making your site live. You have to test your site before starting it to make sure either it has everything. Your website should have good information and fast navigation speed. You have to check relevant keywords and links on your site. There are a lot of things that are important to do before making your website live. The following points would help you to find out important things for your site:


Responsibilities of Editor and Writer

Editors and writers should have high attention to the details written on your website. Before launching a website, they should pay attention to the following things:

Grammar, Spelling, and Punctuation

You have to check the grammar, spelling, and typos of your whole website. There should be a constant flow of information on your site. The instructions should be accurate and try to address your target audience.

Navigation Speed of Website

Navigation speed of your site is imperative because customers will quickly leave your slow website. You should check the size of your web page and load time. You can check by downloading Google Chrome, navigate your web page in Chrome browser, press F12 and view your network tab. Pressing F12 may seem technical, but there is no need to hire a professional person. You can check the Gantt chart on your network tab to check what your page is doing and how much time your site is taking to load on the browser. It will help you to find the culprit of your slow page easily.

Context of Your Page

A critical analysis of your page will help you to get rid of various problems. You have to ask:

  • Why should people visit your page?
  • Is the page content ready for your target audience?
  • Does your page address your audience?

Responsibilities of Web Designer

Web designers have complete information about the design of your website. They can quickly spot the problems regarding fonts, compatibility, and images.


Multi-browser execution is annoying, but the site creators should check their websites on all browsers. Your website should run efficiently on all types of browsers. The websites should have compatibility with different browsers, mobile devices, and tablets.



Font codes may get dropped mistakenly into one page, and your words or letters look too funny. You should check the consistency of formatting and odd blips in your copy.


To increase the effectiveness of your content, you can use images, but you have to make sure that the images should display correctly. You will only need 72 dpi (dots-per-inch) for the pictures on your website to maintain their quality.

Responsibilities of Web Developer

Web developers have knowledge of the inner workings of CSS, JavaScript, and CSS. They have better knowledge of these languages. There are lots of technical items that a web developer can check, such as:

Live URLs

URL (Uniform-resource-locator) is crucial because when your website goes live, this URL will be transferred from the staging zone to production. The URLs may change at this time, and you have to test these sites. On a small site without tools, it is easy to navigate every page to ensure that they are working in a better way. If you have a website with almost 500 URLs, you can use any free tool to find the bad URLs.


The one important thing to check is W3C valid code, and you should test it before launching your website. This validation will help you to have some confidence about the crawling of spider’s search engine on your site. This report will help you to find compliance issues and solve them.


This technique can compress and combine your website code into smaller chunks to increase the speed of your site. Look at the website about minifying before launching your site.

404 Pages

To avoid this error, you should backup your site before launching it. In the case of 404 (page-not-found) errors, you should have a custom page for the assistance of your visitors. Your website should have an HTML sitemap to make navigation of your site easy.


These are little iconic images in the tabs and address bars of your web browser. It offers branding opportunities that increase the credibility of your website. It will be good to have them on your site at the time of launch.

SEO (Search Engine Optimizer) Tasks

SEO professionals can market your website in a better way. They look at various elements to increase traffic to your site and improve its ranking. Look at some of the affordable seo services in town so that they can check a few features:

301 Redirects

The content can be repurposed or moved to a new structure of a website. If you already have a website, you can change the structure of URL with the new site. Before doing this, it is important to map your old URLs to the new options. Any spider tool will help you to find any problem with your URLs.

Meta Data and Title Tags

You have to ensure that each meta description and meta tags are at right place. The search engine spiders will understand your web page with the help of this metadata. You should pay attention to title tags and meta data.

Moreover, you can use analytical tools to judge the performance of your website. Carefully backup your whole data before making your site live.